We need Lab Assistants every day before school to assist students.  Email to sign up and get a tutorial, or just show up! We want your help and the students love it!

The students love to create, and we need your support to keep igniting the love of STEAM in them. Please click this link to donate supplies, such as art washable paint, brushes and scratch paper which run out quickly! Link to Donation Needs

We also want to expand our Discovery Centers to ignite new passions in students that they were not even aware of! Please visit this link to sign up for an item you can donate to our Lab. We are always adding to this list. 

The STEAM Lab logo

The STEAM Lab is a place for students to explore, build, create, and tinker. Our mission is to create a SPARK of interest to open up a new world to our students. Volunteers encourage hands-on, creative ways to design, experiment and invent as they engage in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Students lead their learning and work with peers to collaborate on their discovery. 

Our STEAM Lab is organized with many activities for students to choose what ignites their interest!

STEAMY STEVE lives in the Lab. His favorite thing to do is tinker and loves seeing students do it too! he may just want to sit with you!


Discovery Centers
Centers have been developed to intrigue the interest of students into the different science areas such as insects, magnets, human body, ocean, animals, geology, space/planets, etc. Each discovery center has a variety of activities to spark the interest of any future doctors, veterinarians or scientists!


Stop Motion Animation
Our iPads have an app for students to create their own video. Students can use materials throughout the lab to design their characters and setting for their story.

3D Printing with Tinkercad
Students use Chromebooks to create their design on Tinkercad. The Lab Assistant will print it.

Code-a-pillars are for our younger students. Students choose body parts that represent a new code, or direction, for the code-a-pillar to follow.

Students are encouraged to do research on any subject they are curious about on the Chromebooks available.


Students pick an "I Can Build" challenge card to determine what they want to build. Students may plan their model by drawing it on a building plan sheet, build it and even sketch their final build when done. There are a variety of materials for students to use, including toothpicks, marshmallows, cups, Play-doh, paper plates, string, blocks, Legos, K'Nex, etc.

Lego Education Kits
We have kits for primary and upper grade students that teacher simple machines for K-3rd and coding robotics for 4th-5th.


Discovery Centers 
Various discovery centers are available for students’ interest to spark in the arts! An assortment of mediums can be used as students design and create. Some discovery centers available are create like a master artist, scratch paper designs, thumbprint designs, character drawing, sketching, tiling, etc. 


Students have fun with dice and playing cards while they develop automaticity. There are a variety of math games available.

Access to Information

There are a variety of books as well as Chromebooks for students to dig deeper into Discovery Centers and other topics of interest!